Guidelines for All Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center Art Exhibitions

  • All paintings, photographs, and similar art pieces should be professionally prepared for hanging, properly frames, with squires, and wire in place. When appropriate, works should be matted under glassed (i.e. watercolors, photos, pencil, pastel, pen and ink, etc.).
  • In order to display pieces like sculpture, jewelry, or pottery the Gmeiner has pedestals and display cases.
  • All work should be original intellectual property of the submitting artist.
  • Work should not have been previously exhibited at the Gmeiner.
  • Any overly fragile or shopworn artwork will not be eligible for display.
  • Buyers may take purchases home, including artwork. Artists may replenish items sold in the show, so long as they provide an updated inventory sheet whenever something new is brought in.
  • The Gmeiner will retain 15% of the purchase price of all work sold during the exhibit. A check covering 85% of the sales, plus the sales tax will be mailed within two weeks of the close of the exhibit.
  • The Gmeiner’s art gallery director installs the art exhibits.

Please contact our director, Anna Wales, for more information on exhibiting at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center.