WAC logoThe Wellsboro Art Club Exhibit opens on October 6, 5-7 PM.

The Gallery is open 2-5 PM Wednesday- Friday and 11- 5 PM Saturday-Sunday from October 7 to November 19.

Demonstrations Schedule

Saturday, Oct 7 at 1 PM: Mary Wise-Painting Christmas Ornaments
Sunday, Oct 8 at 3 PM: Yvette Finkele- Lace Painting on Glass Ornaments

Saturday, Oct 14 at 11 PM: Barbra Brace- Abstract Ink Art
Sunday, Oct 15 at 1 PM: Eileen Wilson- Water Color

Saturday, Oct 21 at 1 PM: Kathleen Schnell- From Inspiration to Finished Fused Glass Plate
Sunday, Oct 22 at 1 PM: Patti Wilson- Crocheting Holiday Pins

Saturday, Oct 28 at 3 PM: Helga Swendrowski- Bauernmahleri, German peasent painting
Sunday, Oct 29 at 1 PM: Penny Bailey Mase- Repurposing Jewelry

Saturday, Nov 4 at 11 AM: Holly Hoover- Stages of Wheel Thrown Pottery
Sunday, Nov 5 at 11 AM: Suzan Richar- Intro to Batik Painting

Saturday,  Nov 11 at 1 PM: Janet Gyekis- Autumn Leaf Bowls
Sunday, Nov 12 at 11 AM: Sharren Hummel- Iris Paper Folding

Saturday, Nov 18 at 1 PM: Kelly Mosher- Needle Felting on Apparel