The Gmeiner has a vacancy for a docent or two. Docents open and close the gallery, greet and chat with visitors, sell art, and do little things that come up. We keep a booklet of information for the docent to consult when visitors have questions.

The Gallery is open from 2-5 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 11-5 Saturday and Sunday, three weeks of every month. Each docent is responsible for two or three shifts of three hours each per month. They do not have to be the same days every month. The head docent schedules each month in consultation with everyone a few weeks ahead of time.

It is necessary to arrive a few minutes early to open the Gallery. Docents are never required to do overtime.

Docents do not need be computer whizzes but do need to be able to send and receive email, check Google calendar and to learn to ring up sales on our iPad. We will teach you the latter. It is not hard and written instructions are always on hand in case you don’t quite remember.

It is fine but not necessary for docents to be artists themselves. Some of our best docents have not been artists. But it is necessary to be interested in art. Intelligence, curiosity, punctuality and friendliness are other qualities that make a good docent.

Because the Gallery is sometimes very quiet, it is sometimes necessary for docents to entertain themselves. Current docents read, sew, draw, needlepoint, write, practice tai chi and play computer chess. As long as they attend to visitors, docents may pursue any non-messy activity.

Docents are volunteers who are paid a $13.50 honorarium for each shift.

If you are interested, please email Karen Meyers, our Docent Coordinator, at gmeinerdocents@gmail.com or call (215)239-4812.