Down Winding Roads

November 1-29. Closed November 26-27 for Thanksgiving. Open 2-5 PM daily. Admission is free! DWR INVITATION

Around each bend of Tioga County’s winding roads we find visual delights—sometimes dramatic, sometimes only revealed through quiet exploration of a woodland path. As local photographers, we’ve long been making photographs of this region’s rich landscape. Our journey began in February 2012 when we first discussed this project and our vision for it. We all agreed that we wanted to photographically document this incredible county. Using Wellsboro’s Green as our center and a map as our guide, we divided Tioga County into North, South, East, and West quadrants. Capturing each area’s photographic treasures became the goal of “Photo Phun Thursdays,” as we traveled the backroads through every season, at dawn and dusk, and occasionally under the stars.
Over the last three years we’ve been amazed and humbled by the sights we’ve seen: the vibrant greens of Asaph in the spring; warm shafts of summer sunlight illuminating Sand Run Falls; fiery autumn reds and golds reflected in Hills Creek; pristine winter snowfall at Darling Run. We’ve felt the peacefulness of Flat Rocks and the energy of rally cars racing through the Canyon. We were privileged to witness bald eagles fishing in Hammond Lake and dew drops glistening on a spider’s web. We’ve noticed the small and the grand; the old and the new. Through it all we’ve suffered mosquito bites, frozen fingers, accidental mud baths, and the drenching of a torrential rain storm. Our equipment has suffered damage. We’ve lost a lens cap or two and left a tripod on a back Canyon road. We wouldn’t change a thing; it’s been a great journey.
Our hope is that this exhibit will inspire you to travel your own “Winding Roads” and discover—or rediscover—this beautiful county.


Mia Lisa Anderson
Nancy & Sam McCaughey



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